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For busy, professional women struggling
with stress, fatigue and hormonal issues

Are you ready to start your journey to better health, balanced hormones
and a life full of joy, impact and meaning?

Welcome to the 3-month


We’ve created the Vitality Jumpstart to help you become the vital woman that you are meant to be!

After helping thousands of women, we have learned that it takes more than lab tests and a treatment plan to help you become your most vital self.

Over the next three months, you will have a team to support you as you learn about your body and how to take great care of it. Together we will find effective solutions for your hormone issues and create an upward spiral that will get you back to feeling balanced and fully enjoying your life again!

After helping thousands of women with their stress, fatigue and hormonal issues, we’ve seen what really works, and we’re delighted to bring you this powerful jumpstart that combines three important aspects of the healing journey:

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Your naturopathic doctor will meet with you for a spacious 2-hour new patient appointment which may include:

  • Comprehensive review of history
  • Discussion of health and wellness goals
  • Diet and lifestyle planning
  • Supplement review and recommendations
  • Ordering of functional medicine lab tests
  • Initial prescription of bioidentical hormones, if appropriate
  • Plus, a detailed written plan will be sent to you afterwards

You will also get:

  • up to two 1-hour follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, review lab results and fine tune your treatment plan
  • access to your doctor via secure messaging for focused questions that arise between visits
  • additional check-in phone calls may be available depending on your needs

Please note that our practice is NOT a replacement for your primary care provider.


When you feel held back by your symptoms, at odds with your body, stuck in unhealthy cycles, or overwhelmed about how to feel better, working 1:1 with a highly trained health coach can help you move forward more quickly on your healing journey.

During your private 45-min phone sessions, and email support in between, your coach will help you to:

  • connect with your priorities and stay committed to your health even through life’s challenges
  • transform your relationship with your body as you integrate your new plan and release old patterns
  • create your nutrition, fitness, sleep and self-care routines that easily fit into your schedule and are sustainable in your specific life circumstances

Our team works together to coordinate your care so we can help you implement your plan and achieve your goals as quickly as possible!


When dealing with your hormonal issues, do you wonder what’s normal, what’s not and what you can do about it? Instead of feeling confused and alone, we want you to have the education and support you need to understand how your body works so you can take control of your own health!

    • Replenish – based on over 15 years of experience, Dr. Amy Day’s comprehensive wellness program will help you increase your energy and focus, reduce your stress and boost your overall health by supporting your adrenals, balancing your blood sugar, and easily building the key habits that create the foundations for overall hormonal balance
    • The Women’s Vitality Club – two LIVE group coaching calls per month and a private Facebook group… to interact, get informed, stay inspired, and get your questions answered by our team of women’s health experts

Your next step is to apply for a “Vitality Discovery Call” so you can learn how to finally have the health you need for all the important things that you do!

My work with Dr. Day and her team has finally put me on a path to healing!

“My pain often causes me to miss out on social activities. I constantly feel tired which makes daily responsibilities difficult, and it has affected my relationship, too.

Their caring style of no judgement and positive reinforcement has helped me keep moving forward on my health journey as we’ve addressed my unique medical needs. The combination of the Replenish program and the 1:1 patient care, plus the support of the coaches, make it possible for you to meet your goals and achieve better health.

Since doing Replenish, the meditation has started to help my pain, plus I am calmer and more aware of healthy nutrition options. I’m being more mindful and making better choices when eating out, and my energy is definitely improving.

My work with Dr. Day and her team has finally put me on a path to healing!

~ Lisa Cole, Oakland, CA

I invite you to get started
with a Vitality Discovery Call

I’m Dr. Amy Day, naturopathic doctor, women’s health and hormone expert, and founder of The Women’s Vitality Center.

I believe that you have a difference to make, and, if we’re a good fit, my team and I would love to help you have the health and balance you need to make that difference. I’ve seen it again and again over more than 15 years of practice now… when you have your hormones balanced and your health fully supporting you, THAT is when you are truly able to be the very best version of yourself!

You don’t have to do this alone… let’s get started!

How to Apply

We’re excited to support you to optimal health and vitality!

If you’d like to see if you’re a good candidate, please complete the application below so we can learn more about your needs. You will get access to our calendar to schedule your Vitality Discovery Call, and then we will email you within a few days to confirm if your application is approved.

On your private 1:1 phone call, we’ll explore your vision for what you want your health and your life to look like in the next three months and over the next year. We’ll also help you get clear about what’s getting in the way, and we’ll share our recommendations for how you can get there as fast as possible, whether that is with us or not.

If it is clear that the Vitality Jumpstart is the right path forward for you, we will get you set up and help you schedule your first sessions with your doctor and your coach.

We often have a wait list, so go ahead and apply now to reserve your spot for a Vitality Discovery Call.

This may NOT be right for you…

    • If this all sounds interesting but you need an easier commitment, that is totally fine. Scroll to the bottom to see other options for getting started.
    • If you need a doctor who offers single visits, orders labs and gives you a plan, then we’re not the best fit.
    • If you are so busy that you are unable to commit to your health and self-care for the next 3 months, we feel for you! Do the best you can and come back when you have a bit more breathing room.
    • If you live outside the Bay Area and can’t travel to Berkeley for your first appointment, our coaching services may be a better fit. For most women, we can address at least 85% of your needs without an official doctor-patient relationship. Go ahead and apply on this page, and we can discuss the details on your Discovery Call.

If you are ready to powerfully move forward with your health and in your life, we welcome you to apply now for a Vitality Discovery Call, and we look forward to speaking with you 1:1 very soon.


(please read BEFORE filling out the application)

      • What does it cost? Consider what it’s costing you now to continue to be dragged down and held back by your symptoms! Depending on your specific needs, the Vitality Jumpstart is a $2-4K investment that will have a significant and long lasting impact on the rest of your life. If you are curious to see how this could work for you, the initial Vitality Discovery Call is offered at no cost as a first step so we can learn more about your needs and explore whether this is the right fit for you. Our practice is quite different from normal insurance-based medical care and we recognize that this is a commitment on your part. Rest assured that we also commit very strongly to helping you achieve the health you need to unlock your potential and fully enjoy all the things you want to do in life!
        • Monthly payment plan available upon request.
        • If you need a lower cost option to get started, see links at very bottom of this page.
      • Will my insurance/FSA/HSA cover this? You will be responsible for the full fee, but we can provide medically coded invoices for the naturopathic doctor visits so a portion of this may be reimbursable depending on your plan.
      • What about labs and supplements? Needs vary for each person so these are not included in the Jumpstart fee. We give you access to high quality options and always discuss priorities before deciding. We help you utilize your insurance as much as possible for labs, and you will receive a discount in our online store for supplements.
      • What happens after the 3-month Jumpstart? You may find that after 3 months you have everything you need, but ongoing support is available if you choose to continue. Most of our coaching programs are month-to-month and our naturopathic medical practice is an annual membership with several different levels to choose from. After your Jumpstart, we will help assess your needs and find the right fit going forward from there.

“Vitality Discovery Call” Application

Note: Please check your email right away and look in spam if you don’t see the confirmation email. If you use gmail, please drag the email we just sent into your “primary” inbox so you can be sure to get our notices going forward.

If you need an easier commitment to get started, there are two other options:

  • Online program – learn more about Replenish here and you can get all of Dr. Amy’s most effective strategies for more energy, less stress, and balanced hormones as you go step by step through four modules that help you “Discover”, “Boost”, “Release”, and “Thrive” (available with group support only or with private coaching)
  • E-book – if you’re just getting to know us, our free ebook is packed with lots of helpful tips and information and is a great place to begin your journey