For busy, professional women struggling
with stress, fatigue and hormonal issues

Are you looking for expert
guidance to balance your hormones?

Are you ready for a comprehensive approach to healthcare that provides effective natural solutions AND helps you live a life full of joy, impact and meaning?

Apply for a “Vitality Discovery Session” so you can learn how to finally have the health you need for all the important things that you do!

You’re in the right place if you are eager to…

  • Sleep deeply all night long and wake up feeling energized and excited for the day ahead.
  • Get rid of that stubborn weight so you can feel comfortable in your clothes and confident in your body again.
  • Find natural relief from your hot flashes, night sweats, skin problems, joint pains, anxiety, irritability and brain fog.
  • Regain your clarity and connect to your passion so you can feel motivated to move forward… in your health, in your work and in your life.
  • Balance your hormones and learn how to have a smooth ride through perimenopause, menopause and beyond (it’s not all downhill from here!).

…I finally feel well enough to commit to things I want to do and pursue my passion…

“I am amazed at how my health has improved even more since adding coaching! When I first came to The Women’s Vitality Center, I was suffering with horrible migraine pain, hot flashes, insomnia and many other issues. The naturopathic care and hormone balancing work over the past two years has been critical in helping me to return to more normal functioning.

And now the Replenish program and the private health coaching sessions have taken me to a whole new level of wellness. I have learned so much more than we ever had time for during my doctor visits. I have confidence about exactly what to eat and it’s so great to have personalized support to help me implement my plan and take the best care of myself every day.

I feel fully supported on my health journey and I finally feel well enough to commit to things I want to do and pursue my passion to help others.”

~ Kelly R, Berkeley

Right now, you are probably tired of sorting through various “Dr. Google” searches to try to figure out what’s going on with your health.

And, if you are like many women we hear from, you are frustrated with your other doctors telling you everything is “normal”. You’re tired of hearing “you just have to deal with it because you are a woman”, and you feel so dismissed when all they can offer you is birth control pills and antidepressants, even though you prefer a more natural approach.

You also have a growing awareness that these hormonal symptoms and health issues are ***getting in the way*** of you being able to be and do everything that you want during your precious time here in this world.

Maybe you have a new career path you’ve been wanting to explore, or an important project you’ve been trying to start, or a business you’ve been dreaming of creating in order to pursue your true passion, or there’s a promotion that you want to go for in order to grow professionally… if you only felt well enough!

Well, I’m glad you’re here because we can help!

You CAN have all the health and energy you
need to live a life full of joy, impact and meaning!

I’m Dr. Amy Day, naturopathic doctor, women’s health and hormone expert, and founder of The Women’s Vitality Center.

I believe that you have a difference to make, and, if we’re a good fit, my team and I would love to help you have the health and balance you need to make that difference. I’ve seen it again and again over more than 15 years of practice now…when you have your hormones balanced and your health fully supporting you, THAT is when you are truly able to be the very best version of yourself!

My work with Dr. Day and her team has finally put me on a path to healing!

“My pain often causes me to miss out on social activities. I constantly feel tired which makes daily responsibilities difficult, and it has affected my relationship, too.

Dr. Day’s caring style of no judgement and positive reinforcement has helped me keep moving forward on my health journey as we’ve addressed my unique medical needs. The combination of the Replenish program and the 1:1 patient care, plus the support of the coaches, make it possible for you to meet your goals and achieve better health.

Since doing Replenish, the meditation has started to help my pain, plus I am calmer and more aware of healthy nutrition options. I’m being more mindful and making better choices when eating out, and my energy is definitely improving.

My work with Dr. Day and her team has finally put me on a path to healing!

~ Lisa Cole, Oakland, CA

I want to invite you to get started
with a Vitality Discovery Session.

We’re offering a limited number of these private 1:1 calls, where we’ll explore your vision for what you want your health and your life to look like over the next year. We’ll also help you get clear about what’s getting in the way, and I’ll share my recommendations for how you can get there as fast as possible, whether that is with us or not.

We have a waitlist and these Vitality Discovery Sessions are going to fill up fast. There are only a limited number of spaces in our private practice since we work so deeply with each patient.

Our “doctoring plus coaching” annual membership model is what we believe is the best way to support you to optimal health and vitality, but we can only work with a limited number of women in this way. After you apply, you will get access to our calendar to schedule your Vitality Discovery Session. We will then email you within a few days to confirm if your application is approved, or we may cancel your time slot if not.

IMG_0269 team photo 2018June-700x391

Your Team at
The Women’s Vitality Center

From left to right:

Zara, Valerie, Dr. Jenn, Dr. Amy, Karina, Jupiter, Lauren, Tiffany

So if you are ready to powerfully move forward with your health and in your life, we welcome you and encourage you to apply now for your Vitality Discovery Session, and we look forward to speaking with you 1:1 very soon.

If you’d like to get started with an easier commitment, that is totally fine! Please see and sign up for a free download of my ebook in order to get lots of additional information to begin your journey, and find out more about our online coaching programs! In fact, we recommend that every new patient go through the Replenish program anyway, so that would be a fantastic place to start!

“Vitality Discovery Session” Application

Note: Please check your email right away and look in spam if you don’t see the confirmation email. If you use gmail, please drag the email we just sent into your “primary” inbox so you can be sure to get our notices going forward.